Cooler Master CPU cooling Hyper 212 RGB must Edition

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SLEEK FINISHING Anodized gun-metal black with brushed aluminum surface finish to the top cover for a more refined lookPRECISE AIR FLOW WITH NICKLE BLACK Stacked fin array ensures least airflow resistance which allows cooler air flow into the heatsink. The nickel plated jet black also enhances radiation cooling performanceDIRECT CONTACT TECHNOLOGY 4 heat pipes with exclusive Direct Contact Technology providing effective and excellent heat dissipationTHE NEW SF120R RGB FAN Is certified to sync with Motherboard RGB software or controlled by our controller. The wide speed range can be fine-tuned for maximum cooling performance or silent operation.OPTIONAL PUSH-PULL FAN CONFIGURATION To avoid dynamic losses and help accelerate heat exhaust, an additional fan helps pulling heat away faster from heatsink.RGB IN THE PALM OF YOUR HAND WITH INCLUDED WIRED RGB CONTROLLERCompact size RGB LED controller that allows you to easily customize your RGB devices without the need for either an RGB capable motherboard or software. You can have the colorful rig youve always wanted with just the touch of a button.

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